functional pottery

Cups, bowls, etc are all built and decorated by hand.  While methods vary between pinching, coiling and/or slab work, all pieces are made with care by human hands. 


Samantha's first love with photography began when she received a camera for her 9th birthday: a Kodak Elektralite!  Her skill in capturing and processing the light captured on film was fine-tuned at the University of Montana under the direction of Martin Fromm.   While her primary medium is now clay, she can't forget her first love.  Now mainly using a digital camera, you may often see her running down the street to capture the perfect sunset or pulling out her phone to catch those random, memorable moments.

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Sculptural POTTERY

Drawn to nature, I feel at peace in my small, coastal California town.  The hills of the Malagra Ridge are behind me, and in front of me sits the vast, majestic Pacific Ocean.  It’s no wonder I am attracted to clay, which is essentially “mud” from the earth.  When creating my pieces, I work to emphasize some of the natural properties of this material.  Rather than erasing and patching over what the clay wants to do, I embrace the crinkles and slight bulges.  To me, these can add character and beauty to my piece.